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ThirdWave has a long track record of professional and technical exceptionalism. For more than 25 years we have consistently delivered extraordinary results to our clients - on or under budget, on or ahead of schedule. Since our first day in business in 1987, we have constantly exceeded the contractual requirements of our engagements. Applying a laser sharp focus with an impassioned commitment to the success of our customers, we have accumulated an impressive list of kudos and recognition from our clients.

Anyone with basic experience in marketing / communications can write about the greatness of a company, as the old saying correctly articulates: "Talk is cheap!" ThirdWave’s maintains that when it comes to performance and results, the only comments that matter are those made by our customers.

   Rapid Workflow BPR/BPI
   Business/IT Strategic Planning
   E-Government Services
   Enterprise Content Management
   Systems Integration Services
   GIS Services
   Procurement Assistance
   Project Management Office